About  pro•duhk•tiv

As technology and adult-learning veterans, we know too many product and channel managers who wanted to drive demand for their products and services via impactful learning experiences but ran into the all-too familiar roadblocks – too little time or budget, too many competing priorities, or lack of customer enthusiasm for technology training!

We started pro•duhk•tiv to help them.

Our mission
to illuminate technology

No one should be deprived of technology that can help them succeed just because they don’t know how to use it – yet. 

Our vision

People more pro•duhk•tiv

We believe learning technology is like learning a new language. But when you break it down, intimidation gives way to excitement. By illuminating your products and programs, we help make your customers more productive, your partners more productive, and you more productive!

We illuminate technology in two simple ways:

  • Helping your partners and peers understand the latest programs and offers that will help them put the technology in more hands.
  • Opening your customers’ eyes to all the ways the technology can help their businesses thrive.