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Driving demand through “Lightbulb Learning”

We know you need to help your partners, customers and peers understand your technology and programs to drive more pull-through of your products and services. But with so many different audiences to engage, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why pro•duhk•tiv offers a variety of flexible learning options through our produhktivX™ platform and customized learning experiences.


Intuitive online courses for your partners and peers, delivered through our interactive platform, to help them better understand the programs and offers that will help them sell more. The produhktivX platform lets them learn at their own pace, in their preferred environment, and on their own terms. It’s that simple.


Illuminate your technology by letting your customers try it for themselves. We’ll design hands-on product workshops tailored to their business, complete with real data. Once they discover what your tech can do for them, the lightbulbs will turn on and demand will turn up. Which of our two main types of customer experience is best for you?

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