We help your technology sell itself.

pro•duhk•tiv helps major tech companies drive demand for their products through “lightbulb learning” experiences for the partners, customers and peers who matter the most.

Driving demand can be as easy as flipping a switch.

How we help

As industry veterans, we know there are two paths to success for product and channel managers, as well as field sales and partner roles. We can help with both.

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Partners & Peers
Help your partners and peers better understand what they’re selling so they can sell more.

Help your customers see what your technology can do for them, so they want more.

Our Four-Point Promise

We make four simple but important promises to you and every other client we serve.


“Lightbulb Learning” Experiences

You can practically see the lightbulbs turn on when someone realizes how your technology and programs can help them win at work. We live for those moments and can design them for a roomful of executives or several hundred digital participants, based on your needs. 


Minimal Time Commitment
Your time is precious. We understand exactly what you need, and we’ve delivered it for some of the world’s largest tech companies. We’ll make training your partners, peers and customers feel as easy as flipping a switch.


Low Cost, High Return

We pride ourselves on being a simple and affordable way to meet your goals, while making every dollar you invest in learning experiences pay for itself many times over in the form of new sales.


Partnership You’ll Brag About
Our growth has come almost entirely from client referrals because we create learning experiences that drive demand. It’s that simple.

Proven track record
  • Partners and Peers

  • Customer Learning

  • Learning Experiences

Lighting the Way for Partners and Peers

We have led hundreds of learning experiences for Microsoft and other technology giants, helping their partners and employees sell more.

By the numbers







What our clients say
The Q1 analysis also shows that Online CIE attendees’ likeliness to purchase and familiarity with solutions increased dramatically as a result of the sessions.

Program Manager, Microsoft
The workshop went great! We got a lot of good information, one of the best days we’ve spent in a while. Our users and admins got a lot of this time and commented on how much they enjoyed it. We’d love to sign up for more of these if any are available.

Ron M., City of Huntsville
Thanks produhktiv, It was a really wonderful Security Workshop. Well Done.

Yoga, Mediakind Systems
Many thanks for a great Security Workshop. Really well done.

Rick, National Reconnaissance Office
100% the right trainer for our organization!

Patricia, U.S. Coast Guard
produhktiv is my most trusted partner for CIE’s.

Allison G., Microsoft
The training conducted by Rabon was excellent. The attendees have reported they were thrilled to be in attendance.

Melanie M., Mississippi Department of Employment Security
Excellent instructor. Effectively conveyed security concepts.

Security Analyst, U.S. Defense Information System Agency
Thank you for helping us to better understand Teams meetings and Microsoft Teams Room solutions. It was an excellent workshop.

Manoj K., IT Manager, Halliburton
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