Offer flexible training with produhktivX™  
Let your customers discover at their own pace, anywhere in the world, with the produhktivX™ platform.

  • Make learning fun
    Designed for adult learners, we break your program down into bite-sized snippets using microlearning techniques paired with content-rich supporting activities.
  • Innovative approach
    Using a science-based approach, we optimize learning to improve retention. Whether through social learning with course moderation, active learning or scenario-based learning, this learner-focused platform enlightens your customers
  • White-label it
    We match the produhktivX platform design to your brand, so the teaching will appear to come directly from you, tailored to your learning objectives.
  • Track user progress
    Use the produhktivX Insights live dashboard to track your customers’ progress on their journey to technological enlightenment.

The result? That’s the best part:

People more pro•duhk•tiv.

Illuminating technology has never been easier. Try it for yourself.

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