Getting To Know Us 

pro•duhk•tiv is a small business with the purpose of making a difference for our families, customers, and communities.

The Team

Who Are We?

Sheri Adams


As the CEO of pro•duhk•tiv, Sheri is on a mission to create and provide a variety of fun, focused, effective and engaging learning solutions. With a master’s degree in Environmental Science, it makes sense that she’s spent the last 20 years creating and delivering training for adults, right? This discord is what plunged her into the field of instructional design and encouraged her study into learning theories, retention, adult learning, and the human brain. Sheri believes that “knowing is not enough, application is key.” Outside of work, Sheri is a life-long learner, desk plant-killer, lover of sweets (it’s possible you’ll find her eating frosting with a spoon), and an active tennis player. 

Steve Adams

president & Chief Innovation officer 

Steve is the President and Chief Innovation Officer at pro•duhk•tiv and works closely with customers on a day-to-day basis. He is a 30+ year channel veteran, with nearly half that time being a Technology Strategist at Microsoft. His passion is finding innovative ways to help partners and customers understand how Microsoft 365 enables working securely. If you’ve ever been on a video call with Steve, you know based on his background wall that he has a passion for guitars. Having played for nearly a half-century, he sometimes dreams of being back on stage. 

Mark McClure

Vice president of experiences

Mark is Vice President of Experiences and is responsible for the delivery of immersion experiences that help people realize the capabilities of the technology they invest in. Starting in hands-on delivery, his career shifted to managing delivery teams and most recently moved into the distribution space to help Microsoft partners with their product knowledge and readiness. He has received several “President’s Club” awards and holds technical certifications for Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, and Citrix. Apart from work, Mark is the father of adult triplets, enjoys training in martial arts and has been married to his amazing wife, Rachel, since 1993.  

Gerry Nechvatal

Senior Director of operations

Gerry is the Senior Director of Operations at pro•duhk•tiv with responsibilities including financial oversight, human resources, event logistics, and customer relations. Thanks to his background, Gerry understands how adopting and using technology can improve outcomes in a variety of organizations. His in-depth knowledge of business, education, and government comes from his 10-year employment as an Economic Development and Executive Director with a Chamber of Commerce. In his early career, Gerry worked in the transportation industry. He worked for two major trucking companies as well as a Class-1 railroad, which provided him with insight into logistics and plenty of entertaining stories to tell over drinks.

Isabelle Janda

Marketing specialist

Isabelle is a recent University of Georgia graduate who joined the pro•duhk•tiv team in May 2022 as a Marketing Specialist. She works on internal and external marketing projects and campaigns and creates marketing materials for all areas of the company. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a minor in Design and Media, Isabelle’s favorite projects to work on are ones that allow her to use her creative side. Prior to deciding that college and a professional career in Advertising were for her, Isabelle danced pre-professionally at the Atlanta Ballet where she had the chance to perform at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.  

Our Company Values

  • Can-Do Attitude
  • Always Does the Right Thing
  • Predictable and Consistent
  • Exceeds Expectations
  • Service to Others