Offer flexible training with produhktivX™

Let your customers discover at their own pace, anywhere in the world, with the produhktivX™ platform.

Make learning fun

Designed for adult learners, we break your program down into bite-sized snippets using microlearning techniques paired with content-rich supporting activities.

innovative approach 

Using a science-based approach, we optimize learning to improve retention. Whether through social learning with course moderation, active learning or scenario-based learning, this learner focused platform enlightens your customers.

white-label it

We match the produhktivX platform design to your brand, so the teaching will appear to come directly from you, tailored to your learning objectives. 

track user progress

Use the produhktivX Insights live dashboard to track your customer's progress on their journey to technological enlightenment. 

The result? That's the best part:

People more pro•duhk•tiv.

Illuminating technology has never been easier. Try it for yourself. 

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