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What it's all about

Copilot Academy is a dynamic one-week course, with an optional 4-hour second course, designed to empower individuals and businesses with the skills needed to maximize productivity and save valuable time using Microsoft Copilot within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This course can be in-person or online in a blended format -- combining self-paced learning with live virtual meetings -- ensuring participants gain practical expertise in leveraging Microsoft Copilot effectively. From time-saving techniques to collaboration strategies, Copilot Academy equips you to work smarter, implement best practices, and drive efficiency across your organization. Enroll today and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Copilot for M365!

Course 1 - "Get Your Wings"

Course 1: Copilot for M365 - "Get Your Wings"

Foundational Course - 90 minutes - Hybrid (Live Virtual with on-demand supporting content (coming soon))

Use Case Sessions - each session ~45 minutes (learners can attend any/all)









Included support via Teams Chat and Wrap-up Session (60 minutes)

Course 2 - "A Guide to Copilot Prompt Writing"

Course 2: Crafting Effective Prompts for Copilot for M365

Optional course that can be taken alongside Course 1 - 4 hours - Virtual

Delivery Options

We offer this course both in-person and online in a blended learning format. Learn more about each below.


Learn face-to-face with a live instructor

  • Face-to-face training where learners physically attend sessions
  • Learners receive personalized assistance and support during the course and get access to online content
  • Three face-to-face meetings, allowing for direct interaction with instructor and fellow trainees
  • Traditional classroom setting and interactions
  • Real-time discussions, activities, and networking opportunities


Join live meetings virtually from anywhere

  • Meetings are conducted over Microsoft Teams  
  • Learners receive support through virtual channels and get access to online content
  • Three virtual meetings held via Teams, providing flexibility on where learners join from
  • Learners engage online, accessing digital resources
  • Interaction through Teams meetings and online discussions 

Typical Course Schedule

Day 1

Kickoff Meeting & Copilot Overview (90 minutes)

Day 2

Explore online content and prepare for Use Case Sessions 


Coaching available (In-person or Teams - dependent on delivery option)

Day 3

Use Case Sessions (1-4 hours)

Coaching available (In-person or Teams - dependent on delivery option)

Day 4

Wrap-up Meeting (60 minutes)

Coaching available (In-person or Teams - dependent on delivery option)

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